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EJC and a little bit of Post-Covention Blues


My discovery for the day is that, quite apparently, the well known post-festival blues is not very much deterred by having exciting future prospects. Pretty much, it’ll get you, no matter what. As anyone who’s spent more than a day in a happy-go-lucky festival world will surely agree, the first days back in ‘the real world’, which is inhabited by unsmiling, distant strangers, are always quite the culture shock.

This phenomenon manifests itself in several ways. For example when I logged onto my Facebook front page yesterday morning, the first 5 posts were by people sharing the fact that they were sick in bed, with no intentions of getting up that day. To be perfectly honest, I joined their ranks without further ado and my own bout of fever. My voice had apparently decided to stay behind in Poland anyways, and I wasn’t about to walk around without it. So it was a change of having 110% activity and input to (by choice) having only empty space to stare into.

The EJC is the type of event that since I first attended it out of a sudden whim, I’ve vowed never to miss it ever again. There just so many people doing so many different fascinating things and so many options of what to do next. Its possible to just run from one shiny exciting thing to the next. Its the paradise of hyperactivity and ADD. If you don’t already have either, this is where you’re gonna get it!

Whether it was the absolutely hilarious and memorable full-moon free alcohol party, epic 5 people fire tunneling on the firespace (there need to be more of those), spontaneous trick sharings, supremely annoying badge control sessions or just chilling in the beautiful weather, for example with a giant quiche-tart… it all just merged into one big moment which, try as I might, I can not put into anything even remotely resembling a timely order.

I do remember it ended in a hippie bus packed to the roof with camping and juggling equipment and awesome people, driving through the polish country side over roads in a state of, well, lets say minor disrepair.

My last European Con this year and already cant wait for the next one! But for now… On the 23rd I leave for Burning Man! Now for two weeks of enjoying the awesome Berlinians company, saying my goodbyes- I’ll be back by the apocalypse!


…somebody walking an impressive high line in the historical part of Lublin!

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