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Just a quick update to share a couple of photos.

The firest were taken about a week ago, in a remote foresty area near Quebec City. I spent 3 or so days there, recovering from my trip, more or less successfully riding a quad ATV through the woods (does that sound quite canadian enough for you) and walking around old Quebec.

We were surprised to see northern lights this far souht. They were fainter on real life than in this long exposure shot but they were definately there and pulsing and moving. That night also showed of a splendid view of the milky way.

Appreciate, because messing about with a complecated camera at night left me frozen stiff.

The third one is just a view of the automn city, from the vantage point on top of the Mont Royal. Im sure there exist several million photos just like this one, but it has to be said that its an awesome view.

Since beck in Montreal I have been mostly relaxing, reading, bringing my French back to its former grandeur and enjoying good company… Thats not too bad after almost 2 moths of running around. In a few days, the running will recommence and Im looking forward to that as well, especially since I was lucky enough to be referred to (a friend of a friend) ^ 3 for a place to stay In NYC.

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