Greyhound Adventure

In the past 60 hours I have covered 3800 km, from calgary, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec on a Greyhound Bus. Trust me, thats not half as romantic as it sounds (if you even consider old blues lyrics mentioning ‘takin a greyhound’ romantic at all.

Granted, I now know exactly why large parts of Canada are so uninhabited. I must congratulate Clemens of his perfectly accurate description of Saskatchewan as a frozen plain that I dont want to visit.. I can account for the endless plain part just as much for the 15 cm of snow that covered that entire area and the complete lack of attraction it held.

In the crossing of the country I was presented with tasters of almost all the seasons. Vancouver was warm and sunny summer. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba were freezing, snowy, windy winter. And as soon as I hit Ontario the sight became exactly what you expect from October in Ontario: a landscape that looked a lot like a clums painter had spillt all his reds, yellows and greens. When the sun broke through the clouds for the first time in days a full, bright double rainbow appeared, actually making the full arc from ground to ground. Im kind of sad the picture I took isnt half as impressive as the actual thing.

As enlightening as the experience has been, I can now safely say that next time I’ll gladly take a plane. At some point sitting down in a bus just loses its appeal.We formed a group of  all the  hardcore people that were on the bus for a couple of days, occupied the back of the bus and tried to look mean and fat so as to get more space for ourselves. This worked surprisingly well and most people on the bus were very nice (I say most to include the deranged Quebecker that spent all 60 hours swearing at everyone under his breath and almost got thrown off the bus 3 or 4 times).

I have now arrived Quebec. Ive had a nights sleep, an awesome meal, some of the best ever pumpkin cheesecake, and a ride around the woods on one of those crazy four wheel off road ATV things. Feeling very much human again.

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