Reporting in from Vancouver, Canada. I love this city! How does one city have mountains AND the sea AND, well, a city?

Lady Luck was with me for finding a bus all the way from Seattle to Vancouver for 10 dollars. She mysteriously left my side when it came to actually finding that bus. I’d bought a ticket for last Wednesday morning and left the house with plenty of time to spare. Now, as tempting, interesting and desirable as it may sound, getting lost in the Suburbs of north Seattle is not all its cracked up to be. Seattle is actually a very good example of what happens when team work fails epically. Apparently 3 guys were put in charge of the street grid of the city. All of these respectable gentlemen had their own ideas as to how the grid should look, and, instead of taking the burden of democracy, they decided to use ALL of the ideas. Their creativity may have had no boundaries considering the original grid, it was completely burnt out when it came down to inventing street names. This leads to a street system that has a 5th Avenue N, a 5th Avenue NE, and a 5th Avenue W.

All of this caused me to miss my first bus. I caught the following one up to Vancouver, where the first thing I saw was a guy get hit by a bus and die. And no, I am not making this up. Apparently it was on the news that night and everything!

All the same Vancouver immediately felt comfortable and friendly. I am staying with some people I met at Pacific Fire in their juggling studio. Its a beautiful space full of motivation and energy! From here I’ve been exploring the city. I spent an awesomely fun weekend with Brian, who came up here for a few days. Went running around 2 forest/park things, found Vancouver’s hippies at their annual Earth Dance, spent more than an hour building little leaf playground for a caterpillar we found, went to a really good juggling show… it just goes on and on. I don’t even want to leave at all, and Ive been here for a week now. I’m comfortable, with awesome people to hang out with and in a great city. Next stop: Calgary… but not YET! Right now its Juggle Jam time at Sideshow Studios!

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4 thoughts on “Vancouver!!

  1. Jakob

    Huzzah for pirated WiFi-Access and Greetings from Belgium 😀

    That picture is really cool. I like the purple sphere thingy, I kinda want to eat it.
    I took a look at the street grid of Seattle and I don’t think it looks all too unreasonable, but I guess everything is reasonable compared to belgian highways and luxembourgian roads…

    Holy fuck the story with the dead guy sounds horrible 😦 Kinda pulls you down back to reality I guess…

    Glad to read your time in Vancouver has been awesome so far. I want to know more about the caterpillar and his playground. Does he have a swing-set? I sure hope he has. And a slide. And a fort. Every caterpillar needs a fort caterpillar.

    I’m out of ideas on what to write right now, except that I’m waiting for the next update 😀
    A healthy “salut” from me, au revoir 🙂

  2. MalcolmYoung

    Hello stranger,
    Sounds like you’re having an awefully boring time. We want to thank you for your card you sent us! And a heartfelt piece of advice: unless your trip is getting too awesome and you need something to get you of the high, do not go to Saskatoon 🙂 Especially in winter, it s not the place, unless you want to write a book called “Frozen on a plain” in which case that experience could be of use. Anyhow, all the best for you and see you soon.

    • I dont think I’ll be able to avoid going through saskachewan along the way, but I wont be spending any time there 😀 If that book were to make me an incredibly successful writer it may be worth my while. I could spend all the money avoiding going to saskatoon for the rest of my life (for example using a plane to get across this giant continent instead of a 53 hour bus…)

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