Phase 1

Phase one of the big trip (arriving and organizing) is completed. I arrived in San Francisco on thursday evening with most of my luggage and no clear idea whether I would even find the place where I was going to sleep that night. It was surprisingly easy to get into the city by train and with the help of a guy I actually managed to find my friend’s place without any large detours. So far, so good in the arriving phase! I like San Fran!

The trouble only really began the next day, in the organizing part of the deal. We found out our camping plans for Burning Man were somewhat thwarted by a useless car rental company. To make a long and stressful story short, we spent all day looking for alternative cars and trucks without the slightest hint of success. There was no company that had a car that was affordable, large enough and would accept a European drivers license.

This morning the search continued. Better luck this time! We finally managed to get a pickup truck and upgraded the car we already had into a giant hippopotomous of a car for a ridiculously overcharged amount of money. But they took us and all our stuff to Reno (about 2-3 h drive to Burning Man left), Slowly the organization of the camp seems to bee coming together which is a  large relief, especially since periodically things were going spectacularily bad.

All in all I think I’m doing well. Tomorrow I’m off to Burning Man festival. Its supposed to be the dustiest, windiest year for a LONG time. There is also smoke from forest fires around. My fire staff got lost by the airline still hasnt been found. Not sure whether its naive to be in such good spirits..

Ill give you an update when Im back in reception!


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One thought on “Phase 1

  1. Jakob

    As it has been agreed upon, I am beginning my task of spamming the everloving sh*t out of this blog with this very comment. I will include silly pictures of owls, seals and other critters, incoherent and incohesive statements about utterly unimportant stuff, sprinkled with the casual grammatical and spelling mistake every now and then.To make things even better, I am also going to add a portuguese version of the comment (albeit shortened), to the shock and dismay of many. Let the games begin!

    First things first: Owls! Don’t know what that was for…

    Sucks to hear the fire staff is gone, but one could always try to improvise and “build” a new one out off … stuff. I’d recommend wood and cloth. And gasoline. Never a bad Idea to add gasoline to anything, really.
    Wish you the fucking fun of your life at the Burning Man, I have to admit, I envy you for that. Also, I want to see more pictures.


    e agora, português:

    O primeiro: as Corujas! Não sei para o que foi isso…

    Que pena de ouvir que o teu pau de fogo desapareceu, mais possa improvisar e fazer um novo das coisas… recomende a madeira e o pano. E a gasolina. Nunca e uma ideia mal de acresentar a gasolina á agluma coisa. Sério.

    Te desejo mais prazer ao Burning Man. Tenho de admitir que eu te invejo por isso. Quero ver mais fotos tambem.


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